Our Inspiration

This race benefits the Kiski Area Youth Network that was inspired by the life and faith story of Jenna Prusia.  Jenna was a junior at Kiski Area High School when she lost her life on December 28, 2012 in a sled riding accident.  Jenna had a deep faith in God and love for her friends and classmates at Kiski.  KAYN was started to share Jenna’s faith story and help teens in our community to navigate life and the challenges that teens face growing up in an ever changing world.  Come run to remember Jenna and honor a young life lived well!

Jenna’s StoryJenna  - 1

Jenna kept a prayer journal that inspired and comforted us in our loss.  Her prayers of faith caused us all to examine our priorities in life and to keep our focus on what’s really important in life. Below are a few excerpts from Jenna’s journal.



Jenna  - 2  “Dear God,                                             6-23-12

I feel like often times I don’t put my faith in you in situations I know I should.  Please help me to know that you will help me accomplish whatever it is YOU want me to.  Help me also to not focus on this “tent” I am living in now, but more on the house that you have made eternal for me in heaven.”




“Dear God,                                                                            8-27-12Jenna  - 3

Today was the first day of Junior year and I don’t really Jenna  - 4
know what to think of it, but thank you for being right there with me the entire time. I pray that all the new students this year would just feel welcomed into the high school and wouldn’t feel too overwhelmed with the fullness of it all. I pray for the teachers at Kiski, that they would not get frustrated at teaching any of the students, but that they do their jobs to the best of their ability. Please help the lunch situation work out so that we can all sit together without leaving anyone out. In Your name, Amen.”


Jenna  - 5“Holy God,                                               7-31-12

Please help me to seek you with my whole heart. Lord, I think that one of the problems is that I don’t necessarily feel an overwhelming need for you in my life, and I want to.  Thank you that you are always there and you will never forsake me.  Help me to know and feel like I need to seek you with my whole heart. Help me remember that everything in this life is temporary and that you are the only thing that matters.”


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